Product Lines by Manufacturer

Manufacturer Products
Advanced Monolythic Ceramics (AMC) Switch-Mode Ceramic Capacitors, EMI Filters, High Voltage Radial Leaded Capacitors
American Relays Reed Relays – High Voltage, High Power and Mercury Wetted Contacts
API Delevan RF Inductors, Power Inductors, EMI/RFI Suppressors and Absorbers Chokes, Coils, Transformers, Mil-Qualified Toroids
Cal-Chip MLCCs, HV Caps, High CV Caps, SMD Aluminum Electrolytics, Tantalum Caps, Thin Film Resistors, Thick Film Resistors, Multilayer Chip Inductors
Capax SMT Capacitors, RF/Microwave, MLCs, Multilayer-NPO, COG, High Temp NPO, X7R, X5R, Radial Conformal Coated, Pb/Sn Terminations
Central Components BNC, RF and D-Sublime Miniature Connectors, Antennas, IC, PLCC and SOJ Sockets, Terminal Blocks, Modular Telephone Plugs and Jacks
Challenge Electronics Speakers, Buzzers, Transducers, Microphones, Resonators, Piezoelectric Alarms, Battery Snaps and Holders
Cornell Dubilier (CDE) Capacitors – Aluminum Electrolytic, Film, Mica, Motor-Run, Motor-Start
ECS Crystals, Clock Oscillators, Filters, Resonators
Frontier Electronics SMT Inductors, Coils, Transformers, Filters, Diodes, Capacitors, IPCs
Johanson Dielectrics (JDI) Capacitors – Ceramic, Standard and High Voltage, X2Y
Johanson Manufacturing Variable Capacitors, Tuning Elements, Ferrite Chip Inductors
Johanson Technology (JTI) High-Q Multi-Layer Capacitors, Single-Layer Broadband and Microwave Capacitors, RF Ceramic and Wirewound Inductors, IPCs
KOA Speer Military and RoHS Compliant Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors
Lenox-Fugle Chokes, Shielded Inductors, Toroids, Transformers, Antennas
Matsuo Tantalum Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Circuit Protectors
Oxley Panel Lamps – Indicators, Sub-Miniature, Rear Mounting, Segmented, Replacements; EMI – Filters, Arrays, Connectors; Interconnect Components
Pico Transformers/Inductors – SMT & Plug-In, DC/DC Converters – Military, High Power, High Voltage, AC/DC Power Supplies
Sprague-Goodman Variable Capacitors, Varactor Diodes, Microwave Tuning Elements, Inductors, Transformers, Tuning Tools
State of the Art MIL-PRF-55342 Resistors, Precision Chip Resistors, Resistor Networks
Susumu Resistors – Thin Film, Current Sensing, High Precision/Ultra Precision
Thin Film Technology Termination Networks, Precision Resistors, Low Pass and High Pass Filters, Inductors, Capacitors, Delay Lines
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